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Sanskrit Flower Names With English and Hindi Meaning (Pictures Added)

Searching for the flower names in Sanskrit? You have landed on the right page and below you will find the names of Indian flowers in Sanskrit, English, and Hindi. All those are arranged in the table, so it is easier to read and pronounce the names in the Sanskrit language. The given image will help you to identify them easily.

flower names in sanskrit language with pictures

There are millions of flower varieties. All those cannot be covered in the same post. So, if you feel you want to know the flower names in Sanskrit of any other one, you can write to us through the comment section and we will add and inform you.

Flower Names In Sanskrit

So let’s get started with the word “Flower” or “Flowers“. The word flower is pronounced as “पुष्पम्, सुमनः, and कुसुमम्” in Sanskrit. On the other hand, you can call it “फूल” in Hindi language.

Isn’t it interesting?

Here is the full list of flowers name in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit (संस्कृत)Hindi (हिंदी)EnglishPictures
पुष्पम्, सुमनः, कुसुमम्फूलFlower40 flowers names in hindi
पाटलम्गुलाबRoserose name in sanskrit
जातीपुष्पम्, नवमल्लिका, मल्लीचमेलीJasminejasmine sanskrit
यूथिकाजुहिLilylist of flower
सहस्त्रपत्रम्, उत्पलम्, शतपत्रम्कमलLotusflower
जाम्भजम्नारङ्गीOrange Blossom
श्रीखण्डम्चन्दनSandalsandal hindi
विकचम्, सफुटम्, प्रफुल्लम्, विकसितम्खिला फूलBlossomed Flowerphoolen ke naam hindi
म्लानम्मुरझाया फूलWithered Flowerflower name


I hope you understand these names. A few of them can be difficult to pronounce as Sanskrit is not everyone’s cup of tea. Tell us in comments which one you like the most and why?

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