31+ Marathi Flower Names List [With Pictures]

Marathi Flower Names

Marathi flower names – If you are seeking for plants and flower names in pure Marathi language, then you are at the right place. In this article, I have shared the list of flower names in Marathi language.

Marathi Flower Names

In addition to that, An image is added with each name to identify flowers.

Marathi Flower Names List

Marathi is the common language spoken in Maharashtra India. But, only a few of them know the exact names of things like flowers in Marathi.

To make you understand better, I have given the English names also. This is to say that, on one side there is an English name and on the other side, you will get the Marathi name for the same flower. And the third column shows the image with a name. The below-given chart containing the list of flower names in Marathi with images.

Marathi NamesEnglish NamesImage
गुलाबRoserose name in sanskrit
झेंडूMarigoldmarigold flower names
सदाफुलीPeriwinkleperiwinkle flower name
शंकासुरPeacock Flower peacock flower name hindi
केवडाUmbrella Tree or Screw pine Umbrella tree flower name marathi
सोनचाफा Frangiapani or Michelia Champa  Frangipani flower image
कर्दळ Indian Shot or Canna Indicaindian shot image
चाफा Anona Hexapetala anona flower image
शेवंती ChrysanthemumsChrysanthemum flower image
रुई Calotropis gingantea or Giant milkweedCalotropis gigantea flower
तगर Crape Jasmine or Pinwheel Crape jasmine flower image
जुई Common Jasmine common jasmine
जाई Jasmin or Jasminum grandiflorum real jasmine flower image
कमळ lotus lotus flower image
निशिगंध Tuberose tuberose flower image
कुंदा Jasmine or Lantana Camera real jasmine flower image
रातराणी Night cestrum night cestrum flower image
मधुमालती Rangoon creeper rangoon flower image
सोनटक्का Yellow ginger yellow ginger flower image
घाणेरी Lantana Camera lantana camara flower image
गणेशवेल Cypress vine cypress vine flower image
जास्वंद Hibiscus hibiscus flower name in marathi
कण्हेरOleanderolender flower name marathi image
गुलज़ार Tuliptulip flower image marathi
चंपा Magnolia mongolia flower image
मोगरा Jasmine sambac mogra flower image
गुलमोहर Royal poinciana/Peacock Flowerpeacock flower name hindi
कृष्णकमळ Sweet Granadillasweet granadilla image name
पारिजातक Coral Jasminecoral jasmine
बकुळ Mimusops elengi mimusops flower images
चमेली Spanish Jasmine chameli flower hindi

Final Words

I hope you have learned something new from this article. There are millions of flower names and all of them can’t be covered in a single post. So, if you are seeking for any Marathi name of a flower that is missing or not found on our list. Then, tell us via comments. We will add it as soon as possible.

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